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We basically have three options from which we choose to live: Self, God or Confusion. Each of these options demands that we determine who is charge and thusly the manner in which we live. If we believe that the whole world revolves around us, what we want, what we do and what we attempt to achieve, we have chosen the option of Self. There is no room for God in the option of Self. This plan requires that we follow what we have determined is good and acceptable regardless of what God has stated. If we believe that God is who He has said that He is, then our plan for living revolves around, obeying Him, loving Him and making Him the priority in our lives. If we choose the option of Confusion, we are attempting to merge the option of Self with the option of God. This plan, metaphorically speaking, is like attempting to keep one foot on the boat and the other on the land. We do not attain completeness in life because this plan requires that we recognize God only in an attempt manipulate Him to meet our needs, wants and desires. In other words, this plan puts us in the place of God and elevates God only times of emergency or despair.

Mankind was created for God’s glory. To live for any other reason is like attempting to use a screw driver to hammer in a nail; it just won’t work and it causes a lot of damage in the process. God loves us and has done everything to help us the life we are created to live. We simply need to believe Him, trust Him and live for Him. Why not give God a shot for 2017 and watch He does with your life?

Pastor John


How wonderful and marvelous it is to have an intimate relationship with God. Even the very thought or mention of such a possibility existing is enough to totally overwhelm our minds and understanding. Yet, this is what God desires for us and has made possible for those who believe in Him. It is truly sad for any human being to be born, live and die without experiencing the pleasure, duty, honor; privilege and saving grace of “knowing” God. Not only just knowing Him by name or knowing of Him, but knowing Him in a very personal way; a way that is totally impossible outside the working of Holy Spirit within the human heart - A way that changes us to where we can never be the same again.  A way that fulfills in detail the message of Psalms 34:8 (NLTse), “Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in him!”

The Book of 1 John presents us with a appetizing glimpse into the available wonders and joys of our relationship with God through Jesus Christ the Son. Here we learn more about the nature of Christ and many of the great and marvelous things that He has made possible for those who love Him. We are also provided with additional assurances of our salvation and the power of the cross as relayed by those who were eye witnesses to His glory and power.  

This new series of messages based on 1 John begins December 3. We invite you to come and enjoy them with us.

Pastor John   November 25, 2017


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