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We basically have three options from which we choose to live: Self, God or Confusion. Each of these options demands that we determine who is charge and thusly the manner in which we live. If we believe that the whole world revolves around us, what we want, what we do and what we attempt to achieve, we have chosen the option of Self. There is no room for God in the option of Self. This plan requires that we follow what we have determined is good and acceptable regardless of what God has stated. If we believe that God is who He has said that He is, then our plan for living revolves around, obeying Him, loving Him and making Him the priority in our lives. If we choose the option of Confusion, we are attempting to merge the option of Self with the option of God. This plan, metaphorically speaking, is like attempting to keep one foot on the boat and the other on the land. We do not attain completeness in life because this plan requires that we recognize God only in an attempt manipulate Him to meet our needs, wants and desires. In other words, this plan puts us in the place of God and elevates God only times of emergency or despair.

Mankind was created for God’s glory. To live for any other reason is like attempting to use a screw driver to hammer in a nail; it just won’t work and it causes a lot of damage in the process. God loves us and has done everything to help us the life we are created to live. We simply need to believe Him, trust Him and live for Him. Why not give God a shot for 2017 and watch He does with your life?

Pastor John


“Joy”, probably one of the most sought after, highly desired  and often most elusive human fulfillment that exists. Yet, many people never obtain it. One of the reasons it is seldom experienced is because we sometimes tend to attempt to obtain it for the wrong and harmful reasons and utilize methodology that is lacking. In other words, we may find ourselves searching for the right thing in the wrong places with the wrong objective in the wrong manner. (It is interesting to note that the word “joy” is a noun and the the word “happy” in an adjective but the word “happiness” is a noun.) Let me first point out that both “joy” and happiness are similar states of being. In Scripture we see both joy and happiness seemingly used interchangeably so therefore it is not necessary to split hairs in determining iron clad,definitive contrasts.


The word “joy” is the selected word for this study since we find in the NLTse in the book of Philippians that the word “happiness” is not used, the word “happy” only once and the word “joy” 8 times. Our current series titled “The Wonderful Secrets of Joy” will make us aware of true joy, how to obtain it, how to enjoy it and how to keep it. Where we look for happiness and joy is of utmost importance. It may be found in some of the most unusual places in some of the most unusual circumstances. We will together unpack the Book of Philippians to see all of the great truths and tools God has provided to “grow us” into joy!

Pastor John   July 21, 2017


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